Configurator tool optimization

Digital strategy

The brief

Create a digital strategy for Magis focusing on the optimization of the virtual configuration tool.

Who is Magis?

For more than 40 years Magis has been creating design products for people’s homes, offices and public spaces. A Magis product is meant to be handsome and functional, and it needs to embody a strong idea.

The research

Who are the users?

Strategy proposal

Enhance the perception of the brand

Building a strong relationship between Magis and the user based on trust and accessibility by improving the users experience with a “fast, easy and intuitive” process, giving the proper information about the company and its products to make the user feel having full control over the website.

Interactive landing page in Magis website
The new Magis home page will have important information about the company
User experience improves thanks to the categories and the indicators in the filters and product list page
New customization interface
A new feature where you can visualize the product in a specific environment
New! Profile page for profesional and current users



Art Direction

User journey

User Experience design

User Interface design