Identity design for digital music

One week workshop

The brief

Develop a visual identity concept which can be applied to digital and printed items for classic album from the vinyl era, addressing a contemporary audience.

Artist & album assigned

Kraftwerk - Die Mensch Maschine / 1978

The research

Who is Kraftwerk?

Kraftwerk is a German band known as pioneers of electronic music. They started an experimental krautrock scene before fully embracing electronic instrumentation, including synthesizers, drum machines, and vocoders.

What is Die Mensch-Maschine about?

In The Man-Machine (it's name in English) they talk with a satire style about the link between humans and technology and the celebration of the glamour of urbanization.

“She displays herself for the consumer product, Millions of eyes watching her. Her new cover picture is just marvellous”

- Krafkwerk / The Model

"From far away we all seem a simple line in the Industry's revenues, but if you look closer, we are still humans."

- Krafkwerk / The Model

Our proposal

"We are all similar and standard, we all follow the technology almost like an addiction which makes us products of the industry."

Music Identity

Digital Music Design

Concept Development

Graphic Design

Visual Identity Concept